In solidarity with Russian anti-fascists

A week ago, the days of international solidarity with the imprisoned russian anti-fascists came to an end. But the struggle did not.

When the mass civil protests in 2011-2012 was struck down, the regime started a wave of heavy political repression against militant activists for social and economic justice, including anti-fascistis and anarchists. Several activists has been sentenced to terms of 10 years in prison, even without the court being able to prove they were participating in the riots. Many of the sentenced activists even have evidence that they were not participating in the protests.
This wave of political repression never stopped, its spreading through europe faster than ever before. Just look at the events in Kungsan in stockholm, COP21, Athens, the protests in France and the current evictions in Germany. The struggle is worldwide, and it is even more important to stay together in times like these.
The movement for civil rights and social justice cannot be stopped, even with attempts to shatter us, even with imprisonment, we will stand our ground.
Free Dmitry, Alexei G, Ilya, Alexei S and Alexander!
Free all anti-fascist prisoners!
International solidarity
SUF Uppsala